Government Incentives & Site Selection: How to Maximize Your Efforts!

Government Incentives & Site Selection: How to Maximize Your Efforts!

Big corporate incentive offers to grab headlines, but did you know that many states and cities offer valuable incentives to companies of all sizes, whether growing in place or breaking ground in a new city? If your company is considering a relocation, consolidation, or expansion of manufacturing, distribution, or office facilities, this webinar will explore some of the basics and best practices that your team can employ to maximize efforts to find the best long-term business location AND attract valuable incentive offers. This webinar will feature two nationally-recognized Site Selection & Incentive Consultants plus CHPA associate member, Jason Hester of Greater Columbus Indiana EDC, to answer questions such as: 

  • If my business needs to find a new location, what key factors should we consider?
  • How do we know we’re selecting the right state/city for our new project site?
  • Are some states/cities more generous than others? 
  • What types of state/local incentives exist for my size of the project?
  • What pitfalls should we avoid when it comes to site selection & incentive negotiations? 
  • Do we need outside help?

Webinar Objectives

  • What to do (and not do!) when considering a relocation, consolidation, or expansion of operations
  • How to find and make a data-driven decision about a prospective area’s business & workforce climate
  • How to get and maintain leverage in state/local government incentive negotiations


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