Self-Care for Self-Care Leaders

CHPA, and its members, are committed to creating safe and effective self-care solutions for consumers. At a time of unprecedented change and disruption, CHPA members are providing a crucial role in the healthcare ecosystem. At the same time, senior executives are under more stress than ever. To make this sustainable, CHPA members have a clear leadership opportunity: they need to infuse this notion of self-care into their leadership and work practices. They need to see their own self-care as a prerequisite for enhanced leadership and performance.

Webinar Objectives

  • Engage leaders in a conversation about the role of self-care in their own lives, and how that can enhance their leadership performance and business results.
  • Provide a holistic framework, and 2-3 specific leadership tools that they can use to engage their teams on the topic.
  • Reframe self-care to be a holistic leadership imperative.