Environmental sustainability:  Wait, there's more ...

Environmental sustainability: Wait, there's more ...

Environmental sustainability issues are in the fore as societies and their governments think about climate change, as state legislators propose packaging or extended producer responsibility bills, and as shareholders demand action.  Two experts from Covington & Burling, former EPA Administrator Carol Browner and former EPA General Counsel and White House advisory Gary Guzy, will provide their perspectives on how consumer healthcare companies of all shapes and sizes should think about approaches to environmental sustainability. Included will be:  (1) A global review of evolving stakeholder interests and political dynamics.  (2) How analogous industries are managing their sustainability goals.  (3) Tips on navigating the intersections of FDA and EPA responsibilities.

Webinar Objectives 

  • Better understand the global and political context in the evolution of environmental sustainability demands.
  • Learn about best practice approaches in developing sustainability goals, including from analogous industries.
  • Gain insights on thinking about how to approach the intersection of FDA and EPA mandates and requirements.