Engineered Self-Care Shapes a New Era for Consumer Health

Engineered Self-Care Shapes a New Era for Consumer Health

Learn how Engineered Self Care products will usher in a new era of Consumer Health.

Starting now and going forward, product development, including Rx to OTC Switch, and portfolio product improvement will include technology-powered and connected consumer support for safety, adherence, and appropriate use.

In partnership with a credentialed and comprehensive Health Technology Platform, future-focused Consumer Health organizations can act now:
1. Rx to OTC Switch: switch the drug and the technology-powered Quality process for safety, adherence, and appropriate use
2. Unlock Restricted Ingredients: leverage technology capabilities to improve the retail experience and open e-commerce channels
3. Connected Care: add data-driven, personalized digital companionship for longitudinal connections with brand consumers across the portfolio

With the right Health Technology Platform partner, Consumer Health companies will transform self-care – making it more effective, affordable, and consumer friendly – and, in doing so, will reverse undertreatment and improve health equity.

This session will outline the attributes of a qualified Health Technology Platform partner and will demonstrate the consumer experience of Engineered Self Care.

Webinar Objectives 

  • Learn about proven, technology-delivered, Quality processes now in the Rx domain that can be extended to support consumers in the nonprescription setting
  • Learn how incorporating connected capabilities into product development can meet FDA requirements for Rx to OTC Switch Conditions of Safe Use and unlock other product improvement opportunities across the portfolio
  • Explore actions that can be taken now to reverse undertreatment and improve health equity by making self care a more accessible, effective, and longitudinal consumer experience